• inventory photo photographed 2/3/2021
  • inventory photographed 3/2/2021
  • Adire Cloth with Stylized Floral Design
  • Chenghuang Shen, The City God
  • New Year Print: Zhong Kui
  • You Can Impress Your Friends When you Understand Contemporary Art
  • Shakyamuni Buddha with His Disciples Shariputra and Maudgalyayana
  • Green Whale
  • Charles Weidman: The Happy Hypocrite
  • Gau with King Gesar Tsatsa


Welcome to the Kruizenga Art Museum’s Online Collection. Here you may investigate, discover, and learn from the KAM’s diverse collection.

If you wish to explore the entire art collection, Find provides searchable fields and filters to help you narrow your queries and find the artworks you seek. The curated selections in Themes represent a combination of academic themes related to the college’s course offerings as well as selected sub-collections within the museum’s broader permanent collection. And Gallery uses artworks from the collection to provide in-depth, contextualized narratives on a variety of topics—much like you would get when visiting an in-person museum exhibit.

If you are a member of the Hope College community, you may login in to create your own Gallery exhibit. Unsure how to do this? Please click on the link and follow these instructions.

Statement On Use

The mission of the Kruizenga Art Museum is to educate, engage and inspire the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Hope College, as well as the broader community by presenting art from a wide range of cultures and historical periods. As part of its mission, the KAM makes its collections available online as an educational resource. We display images of each artwork as an essential aspect of this resource.

Some artworks, and their corresponding images, are governed by U.S. copyright law. The KAM provides images of artworks from its collection within the grounds of an examined analysis of Fair Use as defined by U.S. copyright law. A copy of this analysis may be provided to rights holders upon request. Image uses by individuals may require prior consultation with and consent from the U.S. copyright holders. The lack of an identified copyright holder does not mean one does not exist. The user is responsible for determining what U.S. copyright laws apply depending on their intended use.

Low-resolution images are available for download on the website for personal or educational uses. Other uses may require permission from the rights holder. High-resolution images may be requested from the museum. Approval will be determined based on the intended use, and whether permission by the copyright holder is required.