Palm Wine Seller

Nike Davies-Okundaye (Nigerian, b. 1951)
Batik on linen
Work : 4 ft. 4 in. x 15 3/8 in. (1.3 m x 39.05 cm)
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Gift of Alan Johnston and Ann Cross
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Nike Davies-Okundaye is the most prominent female artist associated with the Oshogbo art movement in Nigeria. She was born in Ogidi, Nigeria to a family of traditional Yoruba craftspeople and musicians. Forced by poverty to drop out of school after the 6th grade, Davies-Okundaye learned traditional Yoruba textile weaving and dyeing from her elder maternal relatives. She left home at age sixteen and moved to the city of Oshogbo to participate in the emerging modern Yoruba art movement. Her innovative pictorial batik textiles quickly caught the eyes of both local and international collectors, and by the early 1970s she was recognized as one of the stars of the Oshogbo School. In 1983, Davies-Okundaye established an art center in Oshogbo to provide artistic training to Nigerian girls and young women. Since then, she has opened three additional art training centers in different cities around Nigeria, and has also established one of Nigeria’s largest commercial art galleries where she provides opportunities for young artists to sell their work.

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