Tamenobu Fujikawa (Japanese, active circa 1910-1920)
Woodblock print
Sheet : 9 9/16 x 14 in. (24.29 x 35.56 cm)
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Hope College Collection
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On their way to Mishima, Yaji and Kita buy a turtle to eat for dinner, but after they reach the inn where they will spend the night, they are distracted by other activities and forget about the turtle. That night as they are sleeping, the turtle escapes and crawls into bed with Kita who wakes up, shouts and flings the turtle across the room onto Yaji’s bed. When Yaji reaches out to find what has hit him, the turtle bites his finger, causing him to thrash around and knock over the nearby lamps, folding screens and other furnishings. The ensuing commotion allows another traveler with whom they had shared the road earlier in the day to slip into their room and steal most of their money. Because the Tōkaidō was heavily traveled by government officials, crime on the road itself was relatively rare, but in the cities and towns along the way travelers were vulnerable to pickpockets, robbers, scammers and other types of criminals.

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