Advantages of Being a Woman Artist

Guerrilla Girls (American, founded 1985)
Sheet : 17 x 22 1/16 in. (43.18 x 56.04 cm)
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Hope College Collection
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Guerrilla Girls is a feminist artist and activist collective founded in New York in 1985. The group is dedicated to exposing gender and racial discrimination in the art world and in society more broadly. The members of Guerrilla Girls keep their identities a secret by wearing gorilla masks at public events so that the audience remains focused on the group’s message rather than any individual artist’s personality. Billboards, posters, leaflets and other ephemeral media have been an important part of the Guerrilla Girls’ artistic production from the very beginning. Art critic Susan Tallman once wrote about their early poster campaigns: “The posters were rude; they named names and they printed statistics (and almost always cited the sources of those statistics at the bottom, making them difficult to dismiss.) They embarrassed people. In other words, they worked.” The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist is a good example of an early Guerrilla Girls poster that uses ironic humor to make a serious point about the unequal treatment of female artists in the art world.

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