Christ, Savior of the World

Haleqa Berhane GebreIyesus (Ethiopian, b. 1959)
Paint on cloth
Work : 37 x 28 in. (93.98 x 71.12 cm)
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Gift of Neal and Elizabeth Sobania
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This painting portrays Christ, flanked by the archangels Michael and Gabriel, holding a copy of the New Testament in his left hand and making a gesture of blessing with his right hand. The image follows an ancient model known as Christ Pantocrator, or Christ the Savior of the World, which has been popular in Orthodox Christian painting since at least the 6th century CE. The blank space at the bottom of the painting was intended to accommodate a dedicatory inscription from a donor if the painting was ever given to a church. Haleqa Berhane GebraIyesus was born into a farming family outside Aksum and first learned to paint by watching artists at work in the churches where he attended school as a child. Painting is seldom a lucrative career in Ethiopia, so Haleqa Berhane now makes his living as a carpenter, although his son and daughter, who he taught to paint, continue to produce wedding paintings.   

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