Pile Rug with Stylized Floral Lattice Design

Baluch, Northeastern Iran (Iranian)
Late 19th century
Work : 70 x 41 in. (1.8 x 1 m)
Credit Line
Gift of Verne Trinoskey and Paula Armintrout Trinoskey
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Rugs have been used in Baluchistan for centuries as ground coverings both inside and outside of nomadic tents and village houses. Pile rugs in particular are used to create comfortable surfaces for sitting and working, and can also be stacked in multiple layers to create soft surfaces for sleeping. The finest quality rugs are regarded as status symbols and are typically brought out only on special occasions to minimize wear. This rug was likely woven by a Baluch woman in the Khorasan region of northeastern Iran. The Baluch are one of the largest ethnic groups in Baluchistan. Most of them speak a dialect of Persian and were historically either nomadic or semi-nomadic. Today many of the Baluch in Iran and Afghanistan live in villages and are nomadic for only part of the year, if at all.

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